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    FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE INTRODUCTION The Annual Report of 2012/2013 summarises the main activities and output of the Faculty for that period. The Faculty of Agriculture is committed to its main mission of providing training in Food, Environmental and other Life Sciences. We are the major institution of the country where demand-driven programmes in agriculture-related sciences are run to meet the needs of stakeholders. Our dedicated staff accompany students in their academic and personal development so as to achieve their full potential. Many of our graduates are employed in the dynamic agro-food industry of the country, while others are successfully engaged in business or research careers. Life sciences are multi-disciplinary and require competencies across boundaries. In fact, challenges in Food Production, Natural Resources Management and Effects of Climate Change have meant that new innovative approaches must be implemented. Our programmes are regularly updated and restructured to address such needs. The Faculty has put in place programmes with compulsory placement in industry to provide students with a working experience before they graduate. The research team is recognised both locally and on the international platform as evidenced by their involvement in various projects. We have forged valuable collaborations with institutions in Africa and elsewhere and this has led to several internationally-funded initiatives on Climate Change, Biodiversity, Food Safety and Security, Agricultural Policy and Agribusiness In line with the Government s new programme of development, the Faculty is engaged in the area of Ocean Sciences. New courses are being launched in Aquaculture and Seafood Technology. Research on seaweeds and sponges is also being undertaken. The Faculty is committed to teaching and research as well as engaging with the community. A Workshop on Youth and Agriculture was held this year under the aegis of FANRPAN. I wish to commend the continued efforts of all staff of the Faculty throughout the year. 19 滚球卖料t fyv Y Z

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